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Things we learned in 2014 – Even better than 2013!

At the end of each year in business I like so take a step back and think about all the things I have learned during the current year.  By looking back over the last year I feel I can take an inventory of all the things I have learned and hopefully they have improved my service for the better.  Because after all that is what life is all about.  Living, learning, improving at what you do and doing it better the next year! So without further ado let's take a walk back in time. 

Things I have learned in 2014

  • Groupon is great for getting the word out about your business but not that great for profits.
  • Price your services carefully but don't short change yourself.  Instead of cutting prices offer more value and set them fairly.
  • When it comes to powered speakers bigger is not always better. Better is better! Size only matters when it comes to moving stuff around.  Size has nothing to do with sound. I have received many compliments on my sound and i use 20lb Mackie speakers that look like little cubes on top of my speaker stands compared to some of my competitors speakers.  People always say they can't believe the sound coming out of my little speakers. I just smile, say thanks, and later that night my back thanks me when I have to load them back in the van.
  • Blue tooth signal has a delay when compared to speakers connected with speaker cable.  So running wireless speakers using bluetooth and wired together might cause you problems.
  • When it comes to outdoors more speakers is better to cover large areas.  
  • Be flexible on your policies but don't be stupid.  Being flexible is something your customers appreciate but being stupid will get you taken advantage of every time.
  • At weddings it is crucial to be nice to the other vendors at the wedding.  You never know when they might throw you a bone because they remembered how cool you were to them.
  • When buying speaker cables make sure you know what kind of material is coating the outside of your cables.  Some cables are great for being setup and left alone but won't necessarily be good for being a mobile DJ
  • 2014 was our busiest year ever! Thanks to all of my customers!  

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